The Price of Revival

"Rend you hearts, and not your garments" - Joel 2:13

"Are we willing to deal with all sin and doubtful indulgences in our lives? Are we willing to judge and deal with sin in our congregations?

Are we willing to make restitution? Are we willing to apologize? Are we willing to meet all conditions for a baptism of power? Are we willing for the Lord to send revival in any way He sees fit?

Dig the ditches, and prepare for it by restitution and prayer.

Call a meeting of the church, and frankly deal with all suspicion, malice, envyings and misunderstandings. Repent of the coldness, indifference, and spiritual lethargy and worldliness among the saints. Seek the mighty anointing of the Holy Spirit. Fast and pray. If every assembly would follow this suggested pattern, a spiritual revolution would take place.

Gather for prayer each Saturday night. When possible, spend the whole night in prayer. Each Sunday, gather for early morning prayer from 5 to 8 o'clock, praying down God's blessing on all services. Have a prayer meeting every Sunday prior to the evening service.

Conduct a prayer meeting every weekday morning from 6 to 8 a.m. This may seem impractical, owing do different times of work by the various members of the church, but if the church is willing for Revival, from the youngest to the oldest, they will seek to gather at the various hours that suit them best.

After each Sunday night service, there should be prayer asking God to put His seal on the services of the day. From our experiences of revival blessing in Eastern Europe, where we had continual cycles of prayer every moment of the twenty-four hours, we would warmly recommend to the leaders of the assembly to arrange for this chain of prayer.

Make out a schedule whereby there will always be praying men or praying women on the "Lord's Prayer Tower" every moment of the day and night, or as nearly so as consecrated seal and devoted love can make it.

If this sounds fanatical and impossible in you local company of saints, then there is no use praying for revival or expecting it in your midst, "for as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth..." (Isaiah 66:8)."

-- James A. Stewart