Sunday School

Our Sunday school is a place for the whole family. From the young to the mature in Christ our classes offer relevant and practical teaching for everyday living. All of our classes aid in understanding God’s Word, building Christian character, and developing faith in God.

Bible Preaching

At Indian Baptist Church we endeavor to give heed to sound doctrine. We believe in expositional Bible preaching and teaching. This line upon line, verse by verse, style of preaching and teaching is what helps a church to grow in grace and knowledge. We believe the Lord has blessed our pastor with this style of preaching and as a result is able to truly minister to our needs. God's Word is the sole authority in all predicaments and has a sure answer for every problem we face.

Special Singing

We encourage special singing and instrumentals for the sake of bringing praise and honor to God. Church should not be a place of entertainment but a place of exaltation. We welcome men and women to employ their talents and gifts in service and worship of our heavenly King.

Mission Trips

Every summer we endeavor to take a church mission trip and invite all our members, able and willing, to go. We understand our responsibility to send others but we also sense an urgency to go ourselves. In this we both fulfill the great commission and we teach, by example, our members and youth what real mission work is all about.

Prayer Ministry

Whether it is Wednesday evening prayer meeting, special seasons of specific prayer, praying collectively, or private praying there is a place for praying in our church. Ministry is made effective through effectual praying. We desire to be a praying people.

Conferences and Special Meetings

As the Lord allows and leads every fall and spring we host special meetings. Every fall we host and sponsor a Bible Conference or Evangelistic Meeting with an emphasis on and anticipation for revival and souls to be saved. Every spring we host a Mission Conference where we refocus on missions and Faith Promise Giving.

Visitation & Soul Winning

We believe in obeying Christ's command to preach the Gospel to every creature (Mark 16:15). Our mission field is anywhere beyond the walls of the church building and as ambassadors for Christ we are to apply the biblical principle to “sow as we go.” As a result we have church wide visitation on Thursday evenings at 6:00pm, however, we encourage our members to be ready at any moment to witness and share their faith with a lost soul in need. We practice confrontational evangelism by lovingly and graciously confronting men and women with their great need as sinners and sharing with them the hope and deliverance there is through our Lord Jesus Christ.

People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.
— President Theodore Roosevelt